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Alcohol hypnosis

For the past 20 years, hypnotherapist Dr Bruce Alexander has been successfully helping men and women take control of their alcohol dependancy and alcohol addiction using clinical hypnotherapy.

A dependance on alcohol doesn’t just effect your physical health, it can also impact your self-esteem and self-identity.

Reducing how much we drink can be a lot more difficult than just deciding not to drink anymore – social situations, peer pressure and habitual coping mechanisms are just some of the difficulties people face.

Identifying that YOU want to change is a strong sign that hypnotherapy may be a good tool for you to help support changing your behaviour and mentality around drinking.

It is important to remember that hypnotherapy is dependant on the individual and their unique motivations, experiences and situation which means results can vary. We will tailor our programs to individual needs but are unable to make any guarantees that you will experience the same results as clients who have provided testimonials or referrals.

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy Program – Reduce Alcohol Dependance

Client and therapist work together to establish realistic and achievable goals. These goals are built upon, over a period of time, until the final goal is eventually achieved. In this way self-esteem is boosted rather than degraded by setting unrealistic goals.

During the program hypnotic procedures are employed to reduce the desire to drink. Clients are encouraged to see it as a poison which should only be consumed in moderation or maybe not at all. A clear focus is given on creating a healthier body, happier life, better relationships, and better ways of managing stress. On the journey stumbling blocks can arise but often hypnotherapy is a good technique for resolving these issues.

The final goal may be complete withdrawal from alcohol but for many, it is simply a goal to cut back on consumption. This is usually not an option for severe alcoholism but for those with moderate alcohol problems cutting back is very achievable.

Case Study

Bill’s level of drinking increased from a couple of glasses on the weekend to a couple of glasses every night. His problem began three years ago with increased work stress caused by a promotion. This led to him drinking alcohol every day as a means of coping with stress.

Recently things have settled down at work but his drinking habit has persisted. Recently Bill tried to get back into his old ‘weekend only’ habit but found he was unable to resist the temptation of driving into the bottle shop on the way home from work.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Bill?

At this stage Bill is probably asking himself  how he can stop drinking so much alcohol and how he might quit drinking. He might have heard about Alcoholics Anonymous and other twelve step programs but feels very reluctant to participate in group therapy sessions and may not think his problem labels him an alcoholic.

Hypnotherapy offers a private ,confidential and very positive approach to reducing his alcohol consumption.

In Bill’s case it may be appropriate to begin with one alcohol free day in the first week and gradually extend this to five days over a period of time. It may be necessary to find new ways of dealing with stress. Perhaps Bill gets two nights to himself midweek, away from his wife and the kids, to play basketball or go to the gym on his way home from work. Weight loss is often a positive and unintended side-effect of this alcohol reduction program.

“Many clients have said to me that this program was more successful than their visits to Alcoholics Anonymous and other stop drinking programs because they felt hypnotherapy boosted their self-esteem” – Bruce Alexander, Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy

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