Telehealth Hypnotherapy by Video Consultation

Why are telehealth consultations in Australia better than face to

face hypnotherapy in a clinic?

Covid and lockdowns have forced the use of video telehealth for counselling, psychology and hypnotherapy. Many people have been surprised to discover they work well and prefer them to clinic consultations, especially if it’s a long drive to see the therapist.  

Originally, I had my doubts whether they could even work with hypnotherapy. However, over the past year, I’ve discovered they do work well and in many ways are even better than face to face sessions in the clinic.


The major problem, during Covid times, is the requirement to wear masks during a session. Masks hide facial expression and this inhibits good communication and connection between client and therapist. Masks also muffle words and I’m often asking clients to repeat sentences. This interrupts the flow of communication and it’s very annoying.

Bodily Comfort

Another advantage of hypnosis by video is bodily comfort. In the clinic the reclining chair is multifunctional and is neither particularly comfortable as a chair or as a bed. At home it’s possible to switch from a comfortable chair to a very comfortable bed or couch with a soft pillow. The familiar surroundings of loungeroom or bedroom also help with relaxation.

Travel Time and the Stress of Travel

Video consultations also save time and money by not having to travel to the clinic. Travel can also create issue because of the stress of travel. With busy traffic or accidental lateness, clients arrive at the clinic in an anxious state. All that adrenaline is not so great for a therapy which is all about relaxation.


Last but not least, they are 100% Covid safe!

Services for Remote Locations

Although the clinic is based in Melbourne I provide services to Sydney, Brisbane, Humpty Doo, anywhere in Australia where there is fast internet speed. Even if the internet is slow, it’s still possible to set up a session which is by telephone only. Please just phone reception on 03 9853 3221 to arrange an appointment time.