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Hypnotherapy for Smoking

For the past 20 years, hypnotherapist Dr Bruce Alexander has been successfully treating smoking addiction using clinical hypnotherapy in Melbourne.

  • An average smoker spends about $4,000 per year on cigarettes
  • Half of these smokers will be killed by their addiction
  • Hypnotherapy is a safe, drug free approach to quitting
What is the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Program?

The stop smoking hypnotherapy program consists of 3 x 50 minute sessions over a three week period.

This program has two goals:

  • Goal 1: is to stop smoking and this is usually achieved after the first session. 
  • Goal 2: is to prevent remission after successful months or even years of nonsmoking.

The first session consists of a 20 minute pre-hypnosis interview follow by a 30 minute hypnotherapy session. The pre-hypnosis interview addresses two issues: Motivation and Substitution

  • Motivation: Attempting to quit smoking because your partner or someone else wants you to stop will usually result in failure. Hypnotherapy cannot make you do something you don’t, in your heart, really want to do. 
  • Substitution: Often smoking provides social, stress, boredom, or anger management benefits. Clients are encouraged to find methods and behaviours where these benefits may be obtained in ways which don’t involve self harm.

Information obtained from the pre-hypnosis interview is used to design a specific hypnotherapy program tailored to the client’s individual motivations and lifestyle.

After the first session, the client returns for a second session approximately one week later. Hypnosis is always stronger with repetition. This second session reinforces the motivation to quit and the client is left with a goal of a further two smoke-free weeks.

The third and final session of stop smoking occurs after three weeks and helps prepare clients for situations where the mind is affected by severe stress (loss of job, death of relative etc.) or by alcohol or drugs. In these situations a client may succumb to the thought that it would be ‘OK to have just one cigarette’. If this occurs, the smoking habit usually returns over a short period of time. Post-hypnotic suggestions are provided to help them make the correct decision at these times.


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