Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is an urge to frequently gamble, despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. Gamblers can easily lose well over $20,000 per annum. That can be like working all of January, February and March just to pay for your addiction. The cost of gambling is not just financial, it’s also emotional. There is the shame of wasting all that money and sometimes the deceit in hiding the problem from a partner, family, and friends. In more severe cases, theft, loss of home, assets, divorce and even suicide can result from a gambling addiction.  

If you have a gambling addiction, whether it's poker machines, horse racing, mobile or internet betting or casino games, you may have experienced some of this already. You may have even tried to stop gambling on your own. Perhaps you were successful for a while but then reverted back to your addiction and wondered why. 

Urban life can be isolating and lonely and not just for those who live alone. Many people feel trapped inside a stale relationship or a boring occupation. For others, life is too busy and hectic. By the time you've meet the needs of the children, the partner, the boss, and the parents there is little time left for yourself. Boredom can drive a desire to find new sources of stimulation. Stress can drive a need to escape. Being in a gambling venue or immersed in a virtual world of online gambling can provide short-term relief or escape from realities of life. It is a very expensive form of escapism though. A lot of people would think twice about spending $70 per week on a 1-hour relaxation massage but many gamblers spend hundreds or thousands per hour mesmerized by horses running around in circles or flashing electronic tumblers spinning in circles. Gambling can be a very, very expensive form stress and boredom management.

Case Studies

Julie, wife, and mother of two children, is often at home alone with an endless list domestic chores and only the TV to satisfy the boredom. One day a friend invited her to the pub for lunch ….and to have a little flutter at the pokies. The thrill, the fun of that day made her feel so much better that she returned to try her luck again, and again, and again.


Jaqueline has an office job and a very demanding boss. By the end of the day she’s stressed out and exhausted. The idea of going home to an empty apartment and cooking for herself is not very attractive. A little detour on the way home and she’s sitting in the pub with a nice meal and a glass of wine. Not hungry any more, little bit tipsy… but also still alone. She tries the poker machines for a bit of entertainment. The escapism and little buzz of excitement when she almost wins keeps her coming back and she finds herself thinking more and more about when she can do it again.

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy Program - Gambling Addiction

The main problem a gambler will have in quitting permanently will be the difficulty in filling the emptiness with something better than gambling. When a gambler stops gambling they lose their best method of managing boredom or stress. Hypnosis, on its own, will usually not be enough to stop the addiction. The gambler must also be at a stage in life where they are prepared to make some significant changes to create a life which is more exciting and less stressful.

Hypnotherapy will be used to help you reject gambling and motivate you towards improving your life and strengthening your mental health. It’s going to be a little bit more complex that a detour on the way home from work…but much more rewarding.

The financial benefits will also assist with the motivations. Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy have known clients who visualised learning to fly planes as their replacement activity. They are now a licensed pilot AND despite the cost of learning to fly, they are substantially financially ahead from when they were gambling.

It is important to remember that hypnotherapy is dependant on the individual and their unique motivations, experiences and situation which means results can vary. It also means programs, including gambling addiction treatment programs, can vary in duration. All programs are tailored to individual needs and as such Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy are unable to make any guarantees that you will experience the same results as clients who have provided testimonials or referrals.

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