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Melbourne Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy

Gambling addiction can be described as the urge to frequently gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. An addict can easily lose well over $20,000 per annum but the cost is not just financial, it’s also emotional. Often gambling addictions involve deceit, hiding the problem from a partner, family and friends. Even people who live alone can feel a great sense of guilt by wasting so much money.

If you have a gambling addiction, whether it’s poker machines, horse racing, internet betting or casino games, you probably have experienced most of this already. You may have even tried to stop on your own. Perhaps you were successful for a while and then reverted back to your addiction. WHY?

The gambling industry is actually part of the entertainment industry. We all need entertainment. Look at what happens to animals if we leave them locked in the backyard with little to do. They develop psychological problems just like humans do when jailed and left in solitary confinement. Urban life can be very isolating and lonely and not just for those who live alone. Many people feel trapped inside a stale relationship or a boring occupation. For others, life is too busy and hectic. By the time you’ve meet the needs of the children, the partner, the boss, and the parents there is little time left for yourself.

Boredom and stress drive the emotional and psychological need to find new sources of stimulation or relaxation.

Julie, wife and mother of two children, is usually at home alone most days watching bits of television and completing domestic chores. One day a friend invites her to the RSL for lunch ….and to have a little flutter at the pokies… and so the addiction begins. At some stage she will probably feel guilty and try stop but which is more fun, watching Dr Phil or the excitement of winning and losing money?

James has an office job and a very demanding boss. By the end of the day he is stressed out and exhausted and the last thing he feels like doing is going home to an empty apartment and cooking for himself. A little detour on the way home and he’s sitting in the pub with a nice meal and a glass of beer. Ahhhh that’s better, not hungry any more, little bit tipsy… but also still alone. Maybe I’ll try the poker machines for a bit of entertainment… and so it beings.

The main problem a gambler will have in quitting permanently will be the difficulty in filling the emptiness with something better than gambling. When a gambler stops gambling they lose their best method of managing boredom or stress. Hypnosis, on its own, will usually not be enough to stop the addiction. The gambler must also be at a stage in life where they are prepared to make some significant changes to create a life which is more exciting and less stressful.

If you can afford $20,000 plus for flashing lights and electronic bells then surly you can afford to find something more substantial, useful, entertaining, rewarding and relaxing than gambling. I’ve seen people quit gambling and learn to fly…and still come out ahead financially. If you seek treatment you’ll be encouraged to use your imagination to great a better life and find better things to do with your time and money. Hypnotherapy will be used to help you reject gambling and motivate you towards improving your life. It’s going to be a little bit more complex that a detour on the way home from work…but much more rewarding.

Not everyone is at the stage where they are prepared to make changes but if you feel you are then bookings can be made by selecting BOOK A PRIVATE CONSULTATION from the menu.

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