Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

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Hypnosis has a solid track record in the treatment of a wide variety of issues and problems relating to anxiety, panic and stress. There are several phenomena associated with hypnosis which make it particularly helpful in the treatment of these conditions.

Anxiety and panic attacks are the result of inappropriate stimulation of hormonal and nervous ‘stress response’ pathways. In contrast, hypnotherapy is a procedure which can induce deep states of relaxation. The process of hypnosis tends to switch off the ‘stress response’ and switch on the ‘relaxation response’. Self-hypnosis is a relaxation skill which you can learn. It can empower you to gain more control over previously stressful situations.

Stress and anxiety are frequently related to fear of judgement, criticism and rejection. This can often manifest itself as fear based perfectionism in the workplace and in social and family relationships. It can also cause people to ignore their own needs in order to please and prioritise the needs of others resulting in emotional and physical exhaustion.

For the past 20 years, Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy led by founder and hypnotherapist, Dr Bruce Alexander, has been successfully treating anxiety, panic attacks and stress using clinical hypnotherapy at Kew Holistic Health clinic in Kew, Melbourne.

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy Program – Controlling Stress and Anxiety 

The Controlling Stress and Anxiety Program typically requires 3-4 sessions over a number of weeks. Program duration can vary depending on individual client needs and circumstances.

Sometimes anxious people are in the habit of allowing too much negative and fearful imagery to persist in their thinking. Too much worrying over-stimulates the ‘stress response’ and this creates feelings of anxiety. Hypnotic suggestions are given to let go of the habit of worrying and to use your imagination in a more positive and productive manner.

The first session will explore the causes of stress and anxiety which often involve underlying fear of criticism, judgement and rejection.  This session will also start to build resilience to stressful situations by using hypnotic suggestion to support a resilient and confident image of themselves. This often incorporates approaches used in the Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy Self-Confidence Program.

Subsequent sessions will reinforce this process and reframing difficult work and relationship situations as opportunities for personal growth.

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It is important to remember that hypnotherapy is dependant on the individual and their unique motivations, experiences and situation which means results can vary. It also means programs can vary in duration. All programs are tailored to individual needs and as such Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy are unable to make any guarantees that you will experience the same results as clients who have provided testimonials or referrals.