Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

“I am a 51 year old married woman and have a busy and demanding life. After a continued struggle to manage my weight, in desperation, I turned to hypnotherapy. I haven’t looked back. Hypnotherapy has been instrumental in my weight loss journey. Using relaxation and the power of positive, reinforcing suggestions have helped motivate and guide me in making better food choices. I don’t lose weight, I gain slimness. Hypnosis is helping me to achieve my goals of being happier, healthier, fitter and stronger. I always leave my session feeling relaxed, motivated and stronger in my resolve to achieve my goals, feeling confident, capable and more able to tackle any situation thrown my way. Hypnotherapy allows my subconscious to ‘take care of business’ unimpeded, so I can get on with life. I am 13.2kg slimmer and well on my way! Many thanks Bruce, regards Jan”.

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