Hypnotherapy for Blushing


Do you have a problem with blushing? It’s a very common problem but often it’s not really a ‘blushing problem’. Usually it’s a fear of someone noticing the blushing, rather than just the blushing itself. Do you have a problem with blushing when you are in a room on your own? Usually the real problem is a fear of negative judgement about the blushing.

Unfortunately, the fear of blushing makes a person more likely to blush, which creates embarrassment, which leads to the increased likelihood of blushing again sometime in the future, like the next board room meeting perhaps or even just the next time you’re the centre of attention for some reason. It’s a negative cycle and it’s a problem but this cycle also provides a clue to the solution.

What if, somebody flicked a switch inside your brain and you no longer even cared about blushing or if you didn’t even care in the slightest if somebody notice you blushing. What do you think would happen to the frequency of blushing? Even when you did blush it wouldn’t be a problem because you no even longer care whether anybody notices your blushing. Having an issue about blushing is usually just a symptom of a bigger problem and that problem is the fear of judgement, criticism, and potential rejection. Some people are not in the least bit bothered by criticism while other can barely make it out of the door in the morning.

Hypnotherapy can help a person toughen up psychologically. It’s usually not as simple as flicking a switch inside the brain but after a few sessions of the right type of hypnosis a person can often find they are less fearful of blushing and the frequency of blushing is reduced. It’s common to also notice that other areas of life also improve like becoming more assertive and less fearful of center of attention experiences like public speaking.

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