Hypnosis For Alcohol

“Thank you again for the help you provided me to  overcome my addiction to alcohol. To date I have not had one drink, so 12 months and all good. Considering the COVID-19 situation and the fact that I have been unemployed, not drinking would normally have been a challenge, but it wasn’t! I have done all the normal things: celebrations, sad events, sporting events, holidays etc and not once did I feel like I needed a drink! I think that is the key, no feeling of a need for a drink. It goes without saying that my wife is extremely proud of this achievement even though to me it does not feel like an achievement. Strange. It just feels normal to me now. The benefits are endless – sleeping better, more time for exercise, family time, $ saved . I dropped 5kg immediately and to date 10kg lighter, which is a combination of less beer (sugar) and better eating. Kindest Regards, Gary”*

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