Hypnosis Alcohol, Smoking and Weight

“I decided to try hypnotherapy for my “drinking habits” – it had worked brilliantly for smoking (I am a non-smoker now). My drinking habits were always sipping away at home at the end of the work day before I knew it a bottle would be gone, too much when out socially, rewarding myself at weekends after gardening and just generally it seemed to be ruling my life. Being middle aged and female I was starting to think about the long term effects of my lifestyle. After hypnotherapy I can now say I am a social drinker, have alcohol free days, I feel a lot healthier, my skin and eyes look much better and lost a bit of weight and I do more exercise (and have the energy for it). After the sessions I felt fantastic, energised, relaxed and very positive and am so glad I took the plunge to do it – the next 25 years are going to be great! Thanks Bruce. Sally”.*

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