Group Hypnotherapy treatment of Drug Addiction

This paper studied the effect of group hypnotherapy sessions on methadone patients who were still using street heroin.  Ten patients were divided into two groups with five in each group. There was no control group. Both groups received hypnotherapy and urine test were used to assess the effectiveness of the treatment 6 and 24 months post treatment.

One patient did not complete treatment due to a major operation, the remaining 9 (90%) completed treatment. All patients (100%) completely stopped use of any street drugs and results remained stable for 6 months after end of treatment. Two years after end of intervention, 7 out of the 9 (78%) remained clean of use of heroin.

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Key Strategies in Treatment of Drug Addiction with Hypnotherapy

The author of this paper proposes that hypnotherapy can be used to effectively treat drug addiction when five key factors are present. These are:

1)      The willingness and motivation to participate.

2)      The patient must be under constant supervision,

3)      The drug supply must be completely abolished

4)      Extensive hypno-analysis must be done to reveal significant neurosis and direct suggestion for cessation must be given.

5)      The patient must be seen a set minimum period of time so that relapse is unlikely.

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This paper describes an intensive hypnotherapy treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction. Drug addicted patients were seen once a day, five days a week for four weeks. A 77% success rate was observed after a 1 year follow-up.

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