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Hypnotherapy can be very useful in reducing or curing insomnia, however not all forms of insomnia are amenable to hypnotic treatment.  Insomnia caused by biological dysfunction, disease or drug effects may not respond well to hypnotherapy. However, if stress and anxiety are the main contributors to your insomnia, then hypnosis, combined with good sleep hygiene, may well provide an effective solution.

Self-hypnosis recordings can tend to induce a very relaxed state of consciousness. This relaxed state can often lead straight into the deeper sleep states. Self-hypnosis recordings can often be an aid in breaking the insomnia patterns, but typically are not sufficient on their own. It is usually much more effective if these tools are used in a comprehensive strategy incorporating sleep hygiene and clinical hypnotherapy sessions to help reduce habitual nocturnal patterns of worrying and/or logistical planning while in bed.

Life is pretty fast paced these days and people often work long hours and have long commutes followed by domestic chores like cooking and cleaning. When you combine this with late night screen watching, it is not surprising people have trouble winding down at night and getting to sleep.

The active ‘day time’ state of mind often involves the imagination projecting to the future and creating imagery around logistical issues and frequently includes fear or worry about future events. Because this active state of mind can lead to sleepless nights and horrible days of tiredness at work, this often leads to more worry about the potential of this reoccurring, which often leads to clock watching and fear about the time remaining left for sleep. In severe cases of insomnia, the bedroom becomes associated with the torturous experience of insomnia and even the thought of going to bed creates so much anxiety that a night of little sleep almost becomes the inevitable outcome.

Hypnotic suggestions during clinical hypnotherapy can help a person switch off this active state of mind. Hypnotic sessions can be used to block or reject negative patterns of worrying or logistical planning while in bed. Combining this with routine sleep hygiene techniques is an effective form of stress induced insomnia treatment.

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