Hypnosis Confidence and Self-Esteem

“I never would have imagined the improvements to my life that have come about as a result of attending hypnotherapy. Exploited and stressed at work, I lacked the self-confidence and esteem needed to stand up for myself. Your sessions helped me to accept that I do deserve to be treated with respect, and gave me the courage I needed to make things right. This new found confidence enabled me to take the steps necessary to stand up for myself, and I arranged a meeting with the executive director to request back-pay that was owing to me. A cheque recently came in the mail for over $8000. I now feel more confident and strong and I look forward to the future and the positive changes I am making to my life and career. Bruce, I cannot thank you enough for the strength I have acquired as a result of attending your sessions: it is something that benefits every area of my life. You truly have a very special gift. Thank you! Ann.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your invaluable help. I usually succeed in wriggling out of any attempt to talk sense into me but, surprisingly, you managed to make me face reality in a most unexpected way!! And I’m deeply appreciative about it, sir!
Yes, you’re right, ‘the truth does sets one free’!! Thank You!”

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